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The safe, convenient way
to pay for your adventure

Globio hand picks reliable travel providers so you don’t have to

Globio only serves dependable travel operators with proven track records. We do an extensive background check on every operator we serve so you can be sure you’re going to get the experience you expect.

Pay with Assurance

Relax - your money is safe. We process your financial information using the highest security standards. We escrow your payment so you can be assured of getting your money back if you cancel. And if you don’t get what you paid for, we’ll refund your money.



Support Locally-owned Travel Companies

Globio is used by local travel operators in emerging economies who don’t have access to other online payment services. We also charge the travel companies lower fees to local travel operators than credit card companies or PayPal. By using Globio, you’re actively supporting locally-owned travel companies.

Security Is Our First Priority!

Your financial information is encrypted when it is transmitted and when it is stored. It’s safe no matter what country you’re in.

We’re a trusted US company in good standing with the BBB and compliant with US financial laws and regulations.

We abide by the highest payment processing security standards and undergo regular security audits. Your money is safe!